Green City International would like to wish you a warm welcome to our new blog. 

Here we are going to inform you about all news concerning Green City International, a company which pays special attention to producing solid waste disposal containers and waste disposal management system in general.

Secondly, the blog articles are going to cover some wider areas which include ecology, 3R (reduction, recycling and reusing of goods), environment, water and soil protection, as well as show you how these are connected with waste disposal containers. Moreover, this would be the place where you can find the latest information on waste management, together with the equipment developments and the latest trends. Of course, we are also going to report on all major news concerning waste disposal systems round the globe and metal industry, and how these, in turn, influence the environment and end-users.

Turning our attention to the more specific topic of waste disposal development through time, we are also going to present you with how solid waste disposal is organised in many countries on the global scale, and, where possible, even suggest solutions to the issues that were neglected in the process or that still need improvement.

Finally, we are also going to offer you the opportunity to interact with us and get an exclusive sneak peek of our products, first hand!

So stay tuned and read our blog.

About Green City International

Green City International is a Serbian-based waste equipment and management system company. Its main business activities are manufacture, sale and service of metal waste containers and waste management systems.

The wide array of our products includes a range of metal waste containers complying with the EN 840-2/3/5/6 norms; skip containers; abroll containers; litter bins; transfer stations; and many others. Additionally, we are certified by the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008 standards for Environmental Management System and by OHSAS 18001:2008 standard for Health and Safety Management standards.

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