Waste containers are there to keep garbage in one place, plain and simple. However, if you nod your head to this claim and move on, get ready to change your mind and learn why the right waste containers matter so much.

Their basic function is to keep trash in one place until removed. However, there are other functions that come with it as well. Here are just some of them.


It may seem a bit crazy thinking of keeping your waste secure, but if it ever happened to you to see stray dogs or cats scavenging around a torn garbage bag, the whole idea behind security now makes much more sense.

Although most items that end up in trash are meant to be tossed, there may be some others that attract stray animals due to their scent. Such animals thrive on leftovers and would not find it difficult to tear a plastic bag in hunt for food.

When trash is securely stored in a proper waste containers, there is no possibility for such scenario to happen, and you may rest assured that what is thrown away will stay away – until communal authorities collect it and remove it.

Environmental friendliness

One of the reasons why communal waste collection even came into force in the past was to reduce the spread of diseases and stench that inevitably emerged from places where trash used to be disposed of.

Same way, waste containers today have an important role in keeping a neighbourgood environmentally friendly – by keeping garbage locked in and collected by authorities, hence preventing environmental hazard and keeping your neighbourhood neat and tidy.

Hygiene and sanitation

Of course, if there was no need for them, waste containers would not have been invented at all.

While their primary aim was and is to collect garbage in one place until communal authorities come to empty them, the rationale behind it is that hygiene and santitation of a neighbourhood improve instantly once there are right containers.

In plain words, once there are strictly marked places meant for trash to be disposed of, the community becomes cleaner and better organised, and its every aspect used to its full potential.


One of the greatest benefits of using the right waste containers is making recycling even more efficient. Namely, modern recycling is based on having different waste containers for various purposes, mostly colour-coded, hence separating waste at the beginning of the recycling circle.

That way, once you see a collection of multicoloured waste containers, you will inevitably know that they are meant to be used differently: blue for glass, green for organic waste, etc.

Glass containers in the Netherlands can serve as an excellent example. Strategically positioned in most streets, they divide glass into white, green and brown, that way encouraging citizens to separate glass according to colours and break them instantly. Once the containers are full, the glass can immediately go into re-production facilities, with no further hassle needed to separate it.

Furthermore, in autumn, when leaves start falling off of trees, communal authorities bring organic waste containers and place them in neighbourhoods so that citizens can use them to dispose of leaves and branches that fall off, ie. communal organic waste. This trend has another catch: not only are citizens given the resources to collect waste themselves, but there would also be no need for the communal waste collectors to do that for the citizens. A surely win-win situation for all!

Money saving

In one of our previous texts we already mentioned that having the right waste container could save you significant amouts of money in the long run. This can be done in at least two ways.

Firstly, when you limit yourself to a certain size of a waste container, you are more likely to reduce waste production on a daily basis. In the long run, that means you would also stop buying too many goods, hence not even have the need to throw them away.

Secondly, waste containers are made of different materials and for various purposes. They are made of either plastic materials or metal, steel, pressed steel, deep pressed sheet steel, or other materials.

In that manner, different types of garbage must be stored in proper waste containers to make it safe and secure and to prevent leaking and environmental hazard. By using the right waste container you make sure you preserve the environment, prevent the animals from meddling with trash, and keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy.


What do you think? Are there any waste containers functions we forgot to mention? Are there any creative and innovative ones you saw in your neighbourhood or while travelling? Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to share your ideas with us on our social media pages: FacebookGoogle+ and Linkedin – we look forward to hearing from you!


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