As one of the world’s leaders in waste management industry, Green City International (GCI) operates as a completely certified manufacturer, seller, and a service provider for metal waste containers and waste management equipment and systems.

The information about GCI possessing all the necessary certificates issued by the authorized certification bodies is therefore of high importance for understanding the company’s leading position.

Company’s production line covers the complete range of metal waste containers according to the EN 840-2/3/5/6 norms as well as skip containers, roll containers, steel litter bins, transfer stations, and similar products.

Besides that, GCI is certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 for Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Health and Safety Management standards.

What does that mean?

It means that Green City International is managing its production through detailed standardized systems. Furthermore, it means that those systems are officially approved by the authorized institutions and quality management authorities from around the world. All of these organizations follow the legislation policies in the field of environmental protection, healthcare and safety measures conducted at the production facilities and the working areas.

Possessing all the certificates also means that everything produced by Green City International, as well as each and every piece of a machinery and equipment, go through a detailed and standardized set of rules, in order to be highly competitive in the international market, where GCI is recognized as one of the leaders.

Here, we provide you with detailed information about the certificates that our products possess, which positions them in the heart of the waste management industry around the world.

Green City International is offering fully certified products, with certificates issued by accredited laboratories, according to following standards and directives:

  • EN840–2 standard – Containers with 4 wheels and flat lid, Dimensions, and Design.
  • EN840–3 standard – Containers with 4 wheels and dome lid, Dimensions and Design.
  • EN840–5 standard – Mobile Waste Containers, Performance Requirements and Test Methods.
  • EN840–6 standard – Mobile Waste Containers, Health and Safety Requirements.
  • 93/68/EEC directive – CE marking.
  • EN ISO 3744: 1995 standard – Noise Emission Certificate for equipment used outdoors.
  • EN ISO 1461: 2009 standard – Zinc Coating & Zinc Adhesion Certificate.
  • EN ISO 9606-1: 2013 standard – Welders Proficiency Certificate.
  • EN ISO 3834-2 standard – Certificate for Quality Requirements of Welding.
  • EN 10204: 2004 standard – Steel Inspection Certificate.
  • EN ISO 9227:2014 standard – Certificate, for Adhesion, Thickness and Corrosion Resistance of Paint, in a Neutral Salt Fog Chamber.

Copies of the Certificates can be downloaded from the following link.


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